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ID Cards

ID Cards

ID cards are a non-negotiable item for staff in a modern workplace.  Staff ID cards should include photo identification, corporate logo, information pertaining to access restrictions and OHS or safety information that is relevant.  ID cards are also the perfect mechanism to remind staff of corporate values.

CardServ can produce ID cards and provide all accompanying ID supplies such as lanyards, card holders and ID card printers.


ID cards can be produced in two ways:

  1. ID cards can be pre-printed in bulk.  ID cards can then have personalised information such as photos, name and an identifying number such as a staff number.  Pre-printing cards in bulk is the best solution for quantities over 500 or more.
  2. ID cards can be printed on a card by card basis.  This can be done in-house at the CardServ bureau.  Alternatively, CardServ can arrange for an ID card printer to be installed in-house for you.

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