CD800 Card Printer with Lamination

The Datacard CD800 badge printer with inline lamination module provides advanced protection against abrasion, daily wear and tear and fraud. Get faster printing, more reliable performance and the highest print resolution available in a desktop card printer.

  • Boost card security with the unique and customisable tactile impression feature
  • Improve the look of your cards and meet stringent standards with the inline de-bower
  • Increase efficiency with faster throughput and greater reliability

Our CD800 Datacard badge printers are currently used in many government organisations, businesses with advanced security requirements, mining and manufacturing businesses, and many other establishments through out Australia.

Businesses in Australia choose us as their preferred badge printer supplier because we have over 20 years of experience in photo ID card printing, a team of experienced and Datacard certified service technicians in every state, and we are Australia’s only official distribution partner for Datacard products. We also offer affordable advances features, including high-performance laminate overlays, a unique tactile impression and a card debow feature.

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As part of an integrated solution with Datacard® software, supplies and service, the CD800 card printer with inline lamination module delivers the breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for. Re-designed and re-imagined, this card printer can grow with your program needs as you take security and durability to the next level.

  • Patent pending tactile impression feature that makes cards more secure
  • Faster system throughput — up to 210 cards per hour single-sided — with less downtime
  • Cost-effective security and durability features, lower total cost of ownership
  • A unique patent pending debow feature that flattens cards after lamination

Advance to the Next Level of Security and Durability

Organizations including government agencies, corporations and education establishments face serious and escalating security threats. Issuers need next-level strategies and technology to help prevent ID card counterfeiting and fraud, better protect their people and facilities, and meet demands for faster service. The Datacard® CD800™ card printer with inline lamination module directly addresses your needs by delivering offerings, including high-performance overlays, a unique tactile impression, and a card debow feature.

Innovation that matters. A built-in tactile impression personalization feature creates an impression on the card and physically alters the substrate and overlay to help prevent counterfeiting. Choose from a set of standard designs or create a custom one specific to your organization, elevating security and your brand. Revolutionary new supplies include Datacard® DuraShield™ clear and holographic overlays that offer the best mix of security, durability and affordability. These overlays take security and durability to new levels by providing full edgeto-edge coverage that’s virtually impossible to remove intact and providing four times the durability of basic topcoats — at nearly the same price.

Configure the system and security you need. Choose from single- or dual-sided lamination, contact and contactless smart chip and magnetic stripe encoding. You can also choose the security you need with a range of high performance holographic overlays. Complete the suite with a choice of optional locks and concealed output hopper to protect the printer, card stock and supplies.

Issue cards fast. Print, laminate and impress a tactile feature on up to 210 cards per hour. Designed using best practices, the CD800 card printer is highly efficient, reliable and engineered to meet specific industry standards.



  • Standard 100- or optional 200-card input hopper
  • Backlit LCD offers at-a-glance print status
  • Tactile Impressor for tamper-evident security
  • Ethernet port for network connectivity
  • Optional lock suite secures cards, ribbons and laminates
  • Secure storage for rejected cards
  • Quick-change ribbons switch out in seconds
  • Easy access to color-coded laminating cartridges with easy-to-load supplies
  • Ethernet port for network connectivity
  • Inline debower flattens cards after lamination

Print Full CD800 DataCard Badge Printer Specification Sheet Here


How To Videos

CD800 with Laminator upgrade to CR805 with Llaminator video


SD and CD Series Card Printers: Installing the Printer Driver


CD800 ID Card Printer with Laminator: Loading Cards Into the Printer


CD800 ID Card Printer with Laminator: Loading the Laminate Overlay


CD800 ID Card Printer with Laminator: Loading Ribbon and Cleaning Sleeve


CD800 ID Card Printer with Laminator: Powering on the Printer


CD800 ID Card Printer with Laminator: Removing Card Jam from Laminator


CD800 with Laminator Card Printer: Repairing a Broken Ribbon Video


CD800 ID Card Printer with Lamination: Running the Cleaning Card Video


CD800 ID Card Printer with Lamination: Running the Cleaning Card Through Laminator Video


Cast Study


Since 1999, IdentiSys Inc. has been providing complete identification, security and tracking solutions, including most applications using a plastic card, ID badge, metal tag or biometric. The company is North America’s largest supplier of security, ID and card solutions to end users.

CHALLENGE: A Minnesota casino wanted to replace their player’s club reward card printers. The company’s existing printers required employees to change the card stock type each time a new rewards-level card needed to be printed.
Additionally, the printers were aging and continually breaking down, and the casino wanted to streamline its card issuance process and not be tied to using custom printer software.

SOLUTION: The casino called on Entrust Datacard partner IdentiSys Inc. to aid in their search for a new card printing solution. Together they determined that the Datacard® CD800™ printer would be the best fit for the casino’s needs.

RESULT: The casino now can issue a variety of card types without having to insert the appropriate card stock for each card printed and they do not need to rely on custom software to print their rewards cards.

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CD800 Data Sheet

CD800 Specifications