Datacard 534100-002 ymcKT Ribbon Kit

Datacard 534100-002 half panel colour ribbon kit includes half-size yellow (Y), magenta (M), and cyan (C) panels, for printing full-colour images. The full-size resin black (K) panel is used for printing text and barcodes, and the topcoat (T) panel is a thin protective panel that is applied to the card surface.

Datacard 534100-002 half panel (also referred to as short panel) ribbons include Y, M, and C half panels and a full-size resin K and clear T panels. A cleaning card and adhesive cleaning sleeve are also included with this ribbon.

Half-panel ribbons allow you to print colour on up to half the length of a standard CR80-size PVC card, while resin black may be printed on any area of the card. If you’re only printing full-colour on part of your cards, Datacard 534100-002 half panel ribbons allow twice the normal ribbon yield than a standard YMCKT ribbon, at a lower cost per card.


  • Manufacturer and item#: Datacard 534100-002
  • Short (1/2) panel ribbon kit includes:
    • YMC half panels & full KT panels colour ribbon including topcoat panel – 650 images per roll
    • 1 isopropanol cleaning card
    • 1 adhesive cleaning sleeve
  • For use with the Datacard SD160 ID card printer
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ID Printer Ribbons: Datacard 534100-002 ymcKT Ribbon Kit

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