HID Corporate 1000 ProxCard II Cards – PROGRAMMED

Add proximity access control to your organization with HID Corporate 1000 Proximity Cards. About the same size as a standard credit card, HID Corporate 1000 Cards can easily be carried in a wallet, badge clip, or badge reel for convenient use with access control systems.

Security managers, dealers, integrators and OEMs will appreciate how the HID 1326 Prox Card seamlessly integrates with access control systems for quick and easy setup.

Most common configuration: LMSMV

HID Prox Card Features:

  • RF-programmable
  • Durable, strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking
  • Compatible with HID prox readers
  • Extremely consistent read range
  • External number provides easy control and identification
  • Fits conveniently into a purse or wallet
  • Easy system administration with a cross-reference list correlating the external card number and the programmed ID number
  • Include a slot punch to accommodate a strap and clip when used as a photo ID badge
  • Over 137 billion unique codes


  • 100 cards per package
  • Clamshell style cards
  • 125 kHz proximity
  • Corporate 1000 Formats:
    • Corporate 1000 – 35 (35 bit), for users registered for the Corporate 1000 program prior to February, 2015
    • Corporate 1000 – 48 (48 bit), for users registered for the Corporate 1000 program after February, 2015
  • Vertical slot punched
  • Choose your configuration options in the ‘Options’ tab when placing your order
  • HID Corporate 1000 prox cards are NOT printable cards
  • Use with CR7910AB or CR8010AB adhesive back cards to create photo ID cards
  • Our HID card prices INCLUDE programming
  • Dimensions: 2.135″ x 3.385″ x 0.075″
  • Custom artwork is available, please contact us


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