HID iClass Smart Tags – PROGRAMMED

HID iClass tags feature contactless read/write smart chip technology. iClass technology was designed by HID to make access control more powerful, more versatile, and more secure.

iClass tags provide iClass 13.56MHz contactless smart technology in a convenient, coin-sized transponder that can be easily attached to almost any device for instant smart card technology.

iClass tags are often used as a transition device during a rebadging process. iClass tags allow you to cost-effectively and easily turn an existing ID badge or smart card into a contactless prox credential.

The securely separated, multiple files in tags enable numerous applications and support future growth.

iClass Tags are commonly used for:

  • Access control
  • Vehicle identification
  • Cashless vending
  • Network log-on security
  • Biometric verification


  • 100 programmed tags per package
  • Convenient 13.56MHz iClass contactless smart technology in a disk-shaped tag
  • Select 26-bit H10301, 37-bit H10302, or 40-bit C10106 format
  • Adhesive back makes it easy to attach to any non-metal device for instant contactless technology
  • Base model number 2060
  • Seamlessly upgrade from Wiegand, magnetic stripe, barium ferrite, or prox technologies by adhering the tag to an existing access card
  • Allows users to easily and cost-effectively turn a plastic ID badge or contact smart chip card into a contactless smart card
  • Can be placed on a key ring or clipped to a lanyard for convenient entry


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