HID MIFARE FlexSmart 1K Cards – Composite PVC-PET

HID MIFARE FlexSmart 1K composite PVC-PET cards are designed for simple integration, versatile usage, and the ability to store up to 1 kilobyte of data. The HID MIFARE composite PVC-PET cards are extremely durable and equipped to keep your sensitive information safe. With the use of encryption keys, data is not emitted until the HID MIFARE card and reader mutually authenticate each other. The information inside the HID MIFARE is also compartmentalized, so you can conveniently store several types of applications on just one card.

Zip through transactions thanks to the HID MIFARE cards fast process speed of less than 100 milliseconds. At the size of a standard credit card, the 13.56MHz contactless card can even be used inside a purse or wallet.

Made of a durable composite of 60% PVC and 40% PET, the HID cards are more resistant to heat compared to standard PVC cards and therefore are recommended to print custom graphics, text, or barcodes with laminating and retransfer printers, as standard PVC cards may warp from the intense heat used in both of these processes.

HID MIFARE FlexSmart 1K composite PVC-PET cards are commonly used for:

  • Access control
  • Photo Ids
  • Biometrics
  • Cashless vending
  • Membership cards
  • Airline ticketing
  • Public transportation


  • 100 1K MIFARE contactless smart composite PVC-PET cards per package
  • 13.56 MHz
  • 1 kByte, organized in 16 64-byte sectors
  • Operating distance: Up to 4 inches
  • Contactless transmission of data and energy supply without a battery
  • Typical transaction speed is<100 ms
  • Data retention of 10 years
  • Features a glossy white finish and a printable surface


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