HID ProxPass II Active Tags – PROGRAMMED

HID ProxPass II active tags are specifically designed for vehicle access control for parking and fleet management applications. Now you have the means to control who enters your parking areas; plus, your employees will love the convenient, hands-free access.

HID ProxPass II access control tags have up to an eight foot read range and easily attach to the interior of a windshield.

HID ProxPass II active tags can be encoded with any HID format and numbering system used by HID proximity cards, including the Corporate 1000 format, and they are compatible with the MaxiProx reader and all HID card formats.

HID ProxPass II technology ensures high security by offering over 137 billion unique codes. These tags are also extremely durable and dependable-with a typical lifecycle of two to five years.

26 Bit H10301 Format Cards – Requires that a facility code and card start number are specified by the customer when placing an order. The customer is responsible for all tracking and management of card numbers.

37 Bit H10302 Format Cards – Does not require that a facility code or card start number are specified by the customer when placing an order. HID controls card numbering, ensuring that card numbers are NEVER duplicated.

40 Bit C10106 Format Cards –HID assigns the card numbering, so there is no risk of duplicating card numbers. The card numbers are sequential in a single order, but there will be gaps in the card numbers across your entire card inventory. The 40 bit cards are compatible with Casi Rusco systems.

HID Prox Tag Features:

  • RF-programmable
  • Provides up to 8′ read range
  • Access door for convenient battery replacement
  • Velcro back easily attaches to the interior of a vehicle windshield
  • Attractive, durable sealed case
  • Compatible with MaxiProx(R) reader and all HID card formats
  • Two to five year batter life
  • Competively prices as compared to VHF vehicle tags
  • External customer-specified numbers
  • System administration is made easy with a cross-reference list correlating the external fob number and the programmed ID number
  • Over 137 billion unique codes


  • 10 tags per package
  • 125 kHz proximity
  • Select 26 bit H10301, 37 bit H10302, or 40 bit C10106 format
  • 6′ to 8′ MaxiProx reader read range (depending on local installation conditions)
  • Choose your configuration options in the ‘Options’ tab when placing your order
  • Our HID prox tag prices include programming
  • Dimensions: 3.625″ x 2.650″ x 0.300″
  • Made of a rugged, UV-resistant, water-resistant sonic-welded polycarbonate case


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