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IIDaaS Mobile Flash Pass

Driving the convergence of digital and physical credentials

With the widespread adoption of smartphones, smart watches, and other mobile devices, organizations around the globe are now offering digital credentials to complement their physical credentials.

This provides a convenient, secure way to issue dynamically provisioned credentials to employees, students, visitors, and vendors.

Entrust Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS™) is enabling this convergence of digital and physical credentials through support of the mobile flash pass.

This enables you to issue digital badges to your end-users that include biographic data as well as a photograph and/or bar code.



Mobile Flash Pass vs Mobile Credential

A mobile flash pass issued through Entrust IIDaaS is a “static digital ID.” It includes the end-user data (name, ID, role, date) and photo in the digital credential. This credential data is stored in the secure element of the mobile device. Consequently, the mobile flash pass is ideal for visual verification of the user and for applications where scanning of the QR code or bar code are required.

Today, the mobile flash pass has fewer capabilities than a smart mobile credential. A mobile flash pass issued through IIDaaS does not access the wireless radio Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC), or 802.11x (WiFi) of the mobile device.

Mobile Flashpass Mobile Id Scanner



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