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Smart Card Reader Modules

uTrust 3500 F Contactless Smart Card Reader Board

ISO/IEC 14443 supported uTrust 3500 F is a contactless, NFC, USB 2.0 full speed smart card reader board that supports all major PC operating systems and features a power amp.

The All-in-One Board of Your Dreams

If you’re looking for a smooth transition, uTrust 3500 F can take you from traditional tech to emerging NFC applications, supporting new business opportunities. That sounds like a win-win to us. Supporting ISO/IEC 14443, 13.56 MHz contactless technology, and NFC, this PC-linked reader board works well in mixed environments where all types of contactless credentials are being used.

Kiosks, Terminals, Desktops… Oh My!

This compact yet easy-to-integrate reader board boasts cost-efficient, smooth integration into virtually all systems, such as kiosks, terminals, or desktop devices. Ideal credentials include ID-1 cards, tokens, and even NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Fast Facts

  • Convenient, secure, and flexible
  • Fast, reliable transactions
  • Full NFC capability for network log-on, web-based transactions, and customer loyalty programs
  • Designed for in-field firmware upgrades


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